Washing Machine Damper Short 80N 165-245mm AEG ELECTROLUX, 1322553510 alternative

Washing Machine Damper Short 80N 165-245mm AEG ELECTROLUX, 1322553510 alternative

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AEG ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI Washing Machine Damper (Shock Absorber) 80N, 1322553510 alternative


  • Force: 80N
  • Length: 165-245mm

Compatible codes:

AEG ELECTROLUX: 1240172005, 1240172104, 1240173003, 1260038508, 1260038516, 1260038524, 1260624018, 1260624026, 1260636004, 1260636012, 1268832712, 1322553007, 1326240015, 311063767009, 311064352009, 4210013537007, 4210013651006, 8996454258683

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Compatible models:

AEG: L54840, L86820, L86850, LAV1100, LAVAM1100, LAVC50500, LAVC53500, LC50500, LC53500, LCS53500


EW1070C, EW1170C, EW870C, EWC1350, EWF1005, EWF10160W, EWF10180W, EWF10260W, EWF10480W, EWF1060, EWF106110W, EWF107110W, EWF107410W, EWF12160W, EWF12180W, EWF12260W, EWF12480W, EWF126110W, EWF12680W, EWF127111W, EWF127112W, EWF127210W, EWF127410W, EWF14108, EWF14108W, EWF14115, EWF14118, EWF14280W, EWF14480W, EWF14680W, EWF147110W, EWF6020W, EWF6120W, EWF805, EWH127310W


ADV106, ADV86, ADVANTAGE400, ADVANTAGE45, ADVANTAGE500, ADVANTAGE55, ADVANTAGE800, ADVANTAGE85, ADVNTG45, ADVNTG55, ADVNTG85, CMF311, F702, FA1021, FA1023, FA1026HDRO, FA1026HYDR, FA1032, FA4022, FA422, FA423VARIO, FA4412, FA4422, FA5023, FA522, FA523VARIO, FA5423, FA615E, FA822, FA825E, FA826HYDRO, FA832, FA835E, FA878E, FA932, FAE1025V, FAE625, FAE825V, FCS822C, FCS872C, FCS920C, FJ1015A, FL914IN, FL974IN, FLS1003, FLS1013, FLS1073C, FLS1082V, FLS1083, FLS402, FLS411C, FLS412, FLS422C, FLS468C, FLS471C, FLS472, FLS472C, FLS483, FLS502, FLS512, FLS522C, FLS572, FLS572C, FLS803, FLS812C, FLS812V, FLS813, FLS823C, FLS823V, FLS873C, FLS874V, FLS883, ZWF10020W, ZWF10070W1, ZWF12070W1, ZWF14070W1, ZWF3102, ZWF3125, ZWF3145, ZWF360, ZWF365, ZWF385, ZWF386, ZWF5100, ZWF550, ZWF560, ZWF580, ZWF6115, ZWF682, ZWF684, ZWF685, ZWG3100, ZWG3120, ZWG3165, ZWG380, ZWG5124, ZWG5125, ZWG5145, ZWG5165, ZWG585, ZWG6100, ZWG6101, ZWG6102, ZWG6104, ZWG6105, ZWG6105C, ZWG6120, ZWG6122, ZWG6145, ZWG6165, ZWGH7105, ZWH3105, ZWH3125, ZWH5104, ZWH5105, ZWH5124, ZWH5125, ZWH6105, ZWH6125, ZWH7100C, ZWH7101

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